Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween vintage ladies! I hope that some of you dress up this year since I'm missing out! I will however, make every effort to wear as much vintage clothing as possible from here on! Does anyone know anything about the girl in the photo? I was trying to figure out if the picture was from a movie or advertisement, but so far I have no clues. What I do know though, is that I love that pumpkins face!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lovely Vintage Clothing Sets

I seem to be able to find 1940's dresses now and then. They're rare, but not impossible to find. However, I never seem to be able to find a 40's sweater and skirt set. I love the outfit on the right, but where are these clothes hidden? I did find a skirt on it's own, but no luck in the vintage sweater department. I guess it's not that easy to find sets of vintage clothing that haven't been separated over the years. I won't give up though!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vintage Clothing Deals

So there's this really expensive vintage store that I like to frequent. They have an incredible selection of gorgeous items, but they're anything but cheap.
Anyhow, they have a bunch of sections. You know, one section of 1940's dresses, one of 1950's dresses, 1960's and so on. Of course the older the garment, the higher the price. It makes sense.
I notice that every so often, some of the clothing gets mixed up. For instance, once in awhile I'll find a 50's dress in the 70's section, which means it's marked at the 70's clothing price. I don't know how they get them mixed up, but they do.
So when I got there this weekend, I headed right for the 1970's section. After flipping through about 50 polyester dresses, I see it. A long velvet gown with a floral design and sweetheart neckline. I knew right away that this was no 70's dress. It was very similar to the gown pictured, except it was black and red. I examined it further, and concluded that it was from the 40's. Price? $45. It was after all on the seventies rack. The 40's rack averages around $100-$300. Obviously I was going to buy the dress either way, but what made it even better is that it actually fit. When I brought it up to the register to pay, I asked the sales girl how old the dress was. She looked at it and confirmed that it was forties, and then said "you better buy this right away, it was in the wrong section!". That made my weekend for sure. She then told me how she went to this thrift shop not long ago, and found an authentic flapper dress for 3.99! Anyone else found amazing deals on vintage clothes?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Vintage Starlet of the Day

The perfection that is Carole Lombard. Now, why can't I ever find a vintage swimsuit like that? Stunningly beautiful and funny, Carole was the queen of comedies in the 1930's. She was also famous for her sassy language. Director Mitchell Leisen called her: "The profane angel, because she looked like an angel and swore like a sailor." Gotta love her.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

1940's Vintage Blouse

I've been looking all over the vintage clothing stores for a nice blouse, but it's been a challenge! I did however, find this gorgeous 1940's vintage blouse online. It would be perfect with a black pencil skirt, and some matching black 40's platforms. Oh so lovely.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vintage Clothing and Antique Furniture

I went to stay with my sister this weekend, and what did we do? Check out vintage clothing and furniture stores of course! As if there was any doubt!
My sister just moved to a really small town, and the place is overflowing with antique shops. I fell in love with 2 vintage dressers, and I can't stop thinking about them. The first was a 1920's French dressing table. It had these attached rectangular mirrors that move back and forth. It also came with a gorgeous little matching bench. Then there was a beautiful 1940's dressing table with a large circular mirror, no matching bench, but half the price of the other one. Hmmm. I'll have to see if I can find a little bench that would match somewhat.
Oh, and then I bought the most lovely crocheted vintage gloves. They're cream colored, and I was told they were either 1930's or 1940's. They look exactly like the gloves pictured above, except mine have a much larger ruffle around the wrist. Did I mention I also found a cream colored vintage hat to match? The trip was a success.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Faux Fur Vintage Coat

I'm starting to forget about bathing suits now, and focus on warmer vintage clothing. Such as this hot leopard print vintage coat! I love this. The faux fur trim is my favorite part. I'm not sure how old this is, maybe 1960's? Maybe newer. Either way, I must find one. I bought a similar style coat about a year ago, but had to sells it because it didn't fit me.
I love big fuzzy coats.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Vintage Flapper Shoes

Alright, so I'm on a mission for a full vintage flapper outfit. So far I bought these sparkling 1920's vintage shoes. I lucked out for sure. They're worn, but overall in great condition for their age, and they fit me perfectly! Finding a 1920's dress has not been as easy though. At least finding one for an affordable price, that isnt full of holes. Oh well, I'll keep searching in the vintage clothing stores, my dress is out there somewhere!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Vintage Clothing Treasures

So, I discovered this hidden vintage clothing shop in the small town where I'm staying. You know, one of those places that doesn't advertise, and is basically an old door with a hand written sign on it, and is only open a few days a week. Anyhow, once I opened the wooden door I was faced with a huge old staircase that creaked every step of the way up. Who knew what would await me? I honestly didn't think it would be more than a consignment shop with maybe some 70's clothing. After all, I don't remember the sign even saying anything about vintage. When I reached the top, it looked like a huge vintage dressing room from heaven. It was absolutely beautiful, with all the vintage mirrors, draped fabric and antique dressing tables. There was case after case of vintage hats, shoes, and every other type of clothing and accessories you could imagine. It wasn't the typical vintage store, with the racks of vintage clothes lined up. Every item in this place was just displayed so perfectly, and you could tell how much time was put into setting up the shop. Could this be the reason the it's only open 4 days a week? I wouldn't doubt it. Anyhow, half the store was vintage and the other half consignment I think. My only disappointment was that some of the vintage items weren't for sale, and only for display! Why do they do that? If I wanted to go to a museum I would! If they don't want to sell their favorite items, my suggestion would be to price them so high that it would be impossible to sell them!
What I do like though is the 1940's ladies suit jacket I found. Pure class. In perfect condition, black, nice big shoulder pads, and so Lauren Bacall. The best part though? The price, $20.
Oh, and that's my darling Carloe Landis in the photo.