Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vintage Sixties Style

I finally saw Factory Girl. I know, I'm way behind in the times but I've been trying to catch up on my 1930's movies! So, of course I loved this movie because of the vintage clothes! I think Sienna Miller did a pretty decent job as Edie Sedgwick. Her 1960's makeup was incredible, and I love how every outfit was accessorized! Not one article of clothing looked plain, or boring. I notice that in most newer movies, people are dressed nice but boring. Plain shirt, plain pants, etc. Do you know what I mean? Or maybe I'm just obsessed with every other era except the one I live in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vintage Hawaiian Dreams

I swear I found a 1950's vintage dress & bolero almost identical to this one in a vintage store. For some dumb reason, I didn't buy it and decided to think about it for a few days - bad idea. So I finally decide yes, I must have it, I need it now! Obviously I go back and it's gone! Why does my brain do this to me?! Of course I haven't seen anything like it since, except on Ebay and never my size. Lesson #1, never say no to vintage.

More Jean Harlow and Classic Movie Info

Okay, so according to the web Jean was 5'2 tall and 109 lbs. Her measurements were 34-25-36. Which I'm assuming is normal for her height. Nowadays those measurements are on models that are 5'11! I love that the most gorgeous women were more average sizes back then! Jean's a doll, she's so adorable. I've only seen her in "Libeled Lady", which was great, but I would love to see her other films. Unfortunately I was too busy with Ginger Rogers this past weekend! I saw "Kitty Foyle" which was good, and "Stage Door" which I loved even more! I swear I watch these movies just for the clothes. "Stage Door" was hillarious though, and Katherine Hepburn and Lucille Ball were in it too. Can't say I was too into Hepburn's fashion choices in this movie, but Ginger and Lucy were stunning, and sarcastic as usual.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Vintage Starlet of the Day

Jean Harlow. The 5'2 bombshell of the 1930's. I always loved her platinum blonde hair. Apparently she damaged her hair so badly with weekly bleaching that she actually wore wigs in some of her films. Weekly bleaching?! My hair would have all fallen out by now if I bleached it every week. Not to mention back then I'm sure the bleach solutions were way more harsh on your hair.

Vintage Lucite Heels

Oooh, I love these dainty 1950's shoes. Unfortunately they're a tiny size 6, so I can't get them. Check out the beautiful details. The gold lucite heels have a pattern of leaves carved into the back, and cute little rhinestones on the front.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ebay Dress of the Day

Wow. Found this 1920's vintage flapper dress on Ebay today. Not my size, but gorgeous and very tempting. It's made of black silk crepe with 4 layers of ruffles, plus the floral patterned lace. Oh, I would love to own something from the 20's....

Hot Bettie Baby

Keeping with the beach theme, here's a picture of the beautiful Bettie Page in a vintage 2 piece swimsuit to die for! Hot hot hot.

Retro Hair Fun

So, I got a new vintage style hair-do. Yay! My stylist was nice enough to give me some finger waves, so I took some pictures right away. Good thing I did, because as soon as I wash it out, my hair will go right back to its limp lifeless self. Or maybe it's afro self. I never know anymore.

Back to the Beach in Vintage

Sorry about the lack in posts, but summer is here, and I've been at the beach all week! In vintage of course! Unfortunately I was way too lazy to wear heels with my swimsuit, but other than that I kept my style pretty 1950's.