Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vintage Starlet Style

Is it just me or do Ann Sheridan and Rita Hayworth share a slight resemblance? As well as some gorgeous vintage clothing! I love Ritas 2 piece swimsuit on the last photo!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recent Vintage Finds!

I got a bunch of new, or should I say "old" vintage items. Some I will keep, and rest shall go onto my website. I got a 1960's purse and 1960's swimsuit! Luckily the bathing suit fits me, so I am definitely keeping it! The vintage purse is in mint condition, made from vinyl and has a gorgeous lucite frame. I also found the type of platform 1940's shoes that I've been looking for! Unfortunately they're too narrow for my feet, so I'm not gonna keep them, but they're so amazing. They're such a piece of history, and so unique! Made during WWII, they even have a stamp on the bottom that reads "VICTORY". I just love the detail of the little houses carved out of the heels. I swear I'm gonna find some that fit me one day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage Clothing Pics!

From my trip to Hawaii! The first is on my wedding day, wearing my pink satin 1930's dress! I paired it with some vintage satin shoes. The middle picture is in front of the Royal Hawaiian hotel. I'm wearing my green summery 1960's dress, and holding my 1940's purse. Lastly is my sunbathing photo featuring my prized halter neck 1950's bathing suit! I tried to cover all my favorite decades. Don't you love the vintage surfer girl photo? So cute. I actually did try surfing in Hawaii, but my hair didn't look as good as hers! I guess wipe outs aren't good for fancy hair-dos!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catching up with my Vintage

Well, I'm back from my wedding in Hawaii and I will post pics soon! It was so beautiful, and I was able to buy up a bunch of tiki items to add to my retro pad! There was this huge hula girl lamp I wanted, but there was no way it would have fit into our suitcase....although I may have been able to buy her a seat on the plane!

I guess it's back to work now for me, and I've already found a ton of wonderful vintage clothing! Some of it will be going up on my website, and some will be staying in my closet! There's some cute 1950's shoes, a beautiful white 1930's dress and a gorgeous 1920's purse! I've posted pics, so enjoy checking them out!