Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn!

One day late, but I didn't want to miss this post! Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4th in Brussels, Belgium in 1929. She started out as a ballerina, but soon got involved in acting. Audrey moved to England in the late 1940's, and appeared in many London theatre productions. After being spotted on stage by a scout for Paramount Pictures in 1951, well, the rest is history. Not only did she become one of the most well known actresses in the world, but she also became a huge fashion icon. I always seem to see the same pictures of Audrey Hepburn, especially the Breakfast At Tiffany's photos, etc. So I tried to post some more unique, and of course gorgeous pics of her. My favorite by far is the first photo - the hat, the hair, the gloves, the suitcase, I love it all!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

1950's Fashion on Film - Flesh and Fury

Jan Sterling sizzles in her gold-digger role in the 1952 film "Flesh and Fury". Each costume change is more fabulous than the next! Mona Freeman's wardrobe is cute, but Jan is definitely the glam queen in this movie. Love that white dress in the first photo! 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

1930's Fingerwaves

My brothers wedding was last weekend so I tried my best at a 1930's hairstyle, since I wore a 1930's dress. My fingerwaves turned out pretty good. I just wish I had someone to do the back of my head since I could only do them on the side! I ended up pin curling the back and it turned out nice. Anyone else had any luck at vintage hairstyles?