Monday, March 23, 2009

Recent Vintage Finds!

I got a bunch of new, or should I say "old" vintage items. Some I will keep, and rest shall go onto my website. I got a 1960's purse and 1960's swimsuit! Luckily the bathing suit fits me, so I am definitely keeping it! The vintage purse is in mint condition, made from vinyl and has a gorgeous lucite frame. I also found the type of platform 1940's shoes that I've been looking for! Unfortunately they're too narrow for my feet, so I'm not gonna keep them, but they're so amazing. They're such a piece of history, and so unique! Made during WWII, they even have a stamp on the bottom that reads "VICTORY". I just love the detail of the little houses carved out of the heels. I swear I'm gonna find some that fit me one day!


Anonymous said...

Love the suit & especially the shoes...Adorableness!

Your store also has really fantastic stuff!

Kira Fashion said...

Hello my dear friend,
This bag is really cool, so 50s! LOve it so much!

a kiss and a hug for you,


The Clothes Horse said...

Those shoes are amazing! There's such a story and history with them too.

Miss CherryBubbles said...

What fantastic finds! The purse really caught my eye, but then I do have an addiction to vintage purses - LOL.

Oh! And thank you for visiting Past Life and leaving a comment :)

FashionXJunkie said...