Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Jean Harlow and Classic Movie Info

Okay, so according to the web Jean was 5'2 tall and 109 lbs. Her measurements were 34-25-36. Which I'm assuming is normal for her height. Nowadays those measurements are on models that are 5'11! I love that the most gorgeous women were more average sizes back then! Jean's a doll, she's so adorable. I've only seen her in "Libeled Lady", which was great, but I would love to see her other films. Unfortunately I was too busy with Ginger Rogers this past weekend! I saw "Kitty Foyle" which was good, and "Stage Door" which I loved even more! I swear I watch these movies just for the clothes. "Stage Door" was hillarious though, and Katherine Hepburn and Lucille Ball were in it too. Can't say I was too into Hepburn's fashion choices in this movie, but Ginger and Lucy were stunning, and sarcastic as usual.


ambika said...

Stage Door is seriously one of my favorite classic movies. It's proof that movies were once smart, dialogue was once witty, and women could play things other than girlfriends and moms.

Angelina said...

One of my favorite Harlow movies is "Wife Vs Secretary". I haven't seen it since I had the old movie channel years ago. Video stores never have it. I must get a copy for myself.

But "Libeled Lady" is another favorite of mine. Partly because I love William Powell.

I have been a fan of thirties and forties films since I was a kid and I think it was very helpful that my first style role models were women with hips and thighs. They weren't overweight, just curvy and normal looking.