Tuesday, October 04, 2011

1940's Purse Contents

I read an article from 1945 that listed the contents of a typical womans handbag. Here it goes: 1 or 2 lipsticks, a compact, a fresh hankerchief, the laundry bill, 1 nylon stocking, 1 pack of cigarettes, 3 packs of matches, 1 hairnet, an address book, a pack of letters and 1 fountain pen. A little different from today, but we still carry the same amount of items if not more!


Miss Marie said...

Ooh, I love this! It sounds so much more exciting and quirky than what we carry around in our handbags today. Much prefer to be writing letters than texting... But I think the first three apply to me still (God bless hankerchiefs, tissues be damned) but it tails off after that. I should carry around a spare stocking, that would be very sensible, but I would probably end up with a hole in it from the bag!

vintage_kitten said...

I want those lipsticks.lol.I never thought to have stockings in my bag but thats and Idea.especially for VLV no need to go to the room to change if you tear the ones your wearing .

Miss Meadows said...

Ha, ha! I love the "one stocking" :) But this is what's so good with stockings - if one breaks, you can just change that one and still use the other. With pantyhose you have to replace the whole pair! Just put a really good article about why women should wear stockings in stead of pantyhose on my blog. It's a bit long, but pretty interesting :)