Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Colors

I love how these 1950's kitchen designs all have color themes! It's not just the cupboards, but the appliances too! I don't think I ever see colourful kitchens nowadays. It's either white or stainless steel, which is too boring for me. I'm a yellow kitchen kind of girl, it's such a happy color. Which one would you choose?


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Hello! I really love the black and blue one! My dream is to move house where an old person lived who never renovated and to find something just like this!

Miss Meadows said...

I would chose the pink kitchen i the bottom pic! Who wouldn't wanna enter a pastely kitchen like that on a rainy Monday morning?! There's a company that makes retro kitchen stuff in different colors, called "Smeg". I did a post on them a while ago: