Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vintage Hats - 1920's

I'm still waiting for hats to make a comeback. Will they ever? I would love to go into a beautiful millinery shop and pick out a hat for each one of my outfits. I have a few vintage hats from the 30's-50's that I wear now and then. But I have to be wearing the right vintage dress and hairstyle, otherwise it just looks wrong. I posted some pictures of 1920's hats, which I absolutely love. Check out the top photo of all the ladies at an outdoor party, only one of them isn't wearing a hat. Shame on her!


Jessica Cangiano said...

As a fellow lover of hats, I too wish they would make more of a mainstream comeback (royal weddings aside ;D), but never let their lack of popularity stop me from sporting my favourite 1940s and 50s chapeaus.

Thank you very much for your many lovely blog comments recently, sweet gal, I sincerely appreciate them.

Big hugs & joyful November wishes,

Carla said...

Hats are the best! I love these kind of hats, they are so cool. Also thanks for your comment. Lovely blog, I love vintage:)

Nan said...

I know what you mean about hat, they make the outfit and I only own one. No one in church has a single hat on, how sad now why don't they come back.