Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1940's Sweaters

Well, it's getting closer to winter so I thought I'd post some vintage sweater pics! I think my favorite era for sweaters was the 1940's. I just love how they're nice and fitted, and you can't go wrong with those cute little puff sleeves.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Thoroughly delightful 40s sweaters! It always seems like my warm weather vintage wardrobe is well equipped, but come the nippy months of fall and winter the selection becomes much more sparse. I'd sure like to add a few of these beauties to my closet this season! :)

Many thanks for your lovely blog comments, I sincerely appreciate all of them, sweet gal!

Big hugs & cheerful wishes,

Vandaleyez Makeup said...

This is wonderful! I have been perusing entries in your blog and I am finding it really really fun! As a fan of vintage, and pinup, this is right down my alley!