Monday, November 21, 2011

1930's Fashion on Film - Night Nurse

I've wanted to watch this film for so long as it features my 2 favorite actresses, Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell. "Night Nurse" was made in 1931, so being a pre-code film it contains lots of cute 1930's lingerie, as well as lots of great hats and coats. I especially love the old nurse uniforms!


Sandy said...

Nice post! My first job out of high school (late 1960s) I work at a hospital as a ward secretary. Unlike now, then the nurses were required to wear their school's nursing hat and the white nurses dress. There were all different kinds of hats depending on where the nurse went to school. My hospital, at that time, had a nursing school on the grounds.

miss vintage love said...

That's so cute Sandy! I would have loved to see what all the different nurses hats and uniforms looked like. Thanks for sharing!

LoversLullaby2308 said...

I love the age of the 1930s. Celebrities were so glamorous. Not like today's skanky celebrities. Back then they were so classy, beautiful and awesome.

nice post!

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Evelyn said...

Do you know when this will be on TV, TCM? This movie looks great, I'm glad you posted!