Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vintage Workout Wear

I started going to the gym again, and it's got me thinking. What did ladies used to wear while working out or playing sports? Say during the 40's or 50's. I know that "working out" wasn't what it is today, but it did exist. Marilyn Monroe used to lift weights, and Jean Harlow & Ginger Rogers were avid golf and tennis players. In the photos I found, it looks like the usual shorts & tops worked just fine. But wow, I wish I looked that cute while at the gym! These modern day lycra outfits just aren't the same. I do have some absolutely adorable 1940's shorts that I could wear, but I wouldn't wanna chance getting them all sweaty! Not to mention the weird looks I'd get! Haha, but I'm used to that wearing vintage clothing all the time. No pain, no gain:)


Mikkle said...

i would so go to the gym more if i could wear any of those outfits!

Kira Fashion said...

about the belt, with all the taxes and everything i paid something like US$ 40...
it really worth it!

a kiss!!!

Diana Coronado said...

Vintage !!

I want to be a pin up !!

What a hot fantasy hehe.

Hugs !!


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Anonymous said...

so cute ^__^

Couture Carrie said...

I adore these photos!
I have a vintage tennis racket like that . . . they used to be made of wood - so heavy, and the face so small!


Gina said...

That is so cute!

Joey said...

those are awesome pics. there is this one vintage looking pic that i've been searching for online where its a vintage workout pic wearing vintage sunglasses. anyone know where i can find it?