Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vintage 1940's Dress

I ordered this lovely full length vintage gown a few days ago. Gorgeous white taffetta with black sequined trim, and a cute little black flower. I'm lucking out lately, everything is in my size! I have to admit though, my place is getting out of control. I need another room just for my vintage clothing!


Vintage Bunny said...

This is frasypoo.My new name is vintage bunny
I recieved a nasty bunch of comments so I kinda removed a few links from the old blogs!!!
But I moved from my old blog to this I.D http://www.vintagebunny.blogspot.com/

Amy said...

oooh that's beautiful! What a find :-)

Vintage Bunny said...

I' m glad you found me !
I love that dress.Do you wear your dresses out or are they displayed?

miss vintage love said...

Yes! I wear my vintage out all the time, it definitely adds a little excitement to my life:)

Vintage Clothing Queen said...

Awesome looking dress! 40s dresses are getting harder to find.