Thursday, March 29, 2012

1940's Fashion on Film - Leave Her To Heaven

Gene Tierney is the star of this 1945 film. Her character is, for lack of better words, a psychotic freak. But at least she got to play a psycho with style! Throughout the movie, Gene has a ton of great costume changes. Her outfits range from sophisticated to casual, but she always looks fabulous. I just wish I had a full length picture of the green halter neck 1940's bathing suit she wears, it's amazing!


Chrissy88 said...

This a terrific movie. Great acting, interesting story, fabulous clothes, and even beautiful scenery. One of my favorites!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Gene Tierney was such a timelessly beautiful, sophisticated looking woman, whose style never fails to inspire me, too. I love her look in these mid-40s images (especially her updo in the first shot), and appreciate you sharing them with us.

Many thanks, too, dear gal, for your recent comment on my black and blue outfit. One of my goals for this year (and beyond!) is to (finally!) share more vintage outfit posts on CV, and am so happy that (with the move behind us and only unpacking left) I can begin to do so now.

Wishing you a serene, gorgeous weekend, my friend,
♥ Jessica

ywea said...

i love that fim :)
great blog btw