Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1960's Fashion on Film - Palm Springs Weekend

My sister was watching "Palm Springs Weekend" this afternoon, and although I had a list of things to do, the 1960's dresses lured me in! This movie stars Connie Stevens and has some great early 60's fashion. I love the scarves she's always wearing to protect her big bouffant hair-do, and of course they always match her outfits. The party scene is the best though, every dress is better than the next. Oh, and did I mention the amazing 60's couches? I could watch this movie over and over again just for the gorgeous clothes and furniture!


Patti said...

And the men were still wearing shirts, ties, and suit coats!!!

I am completely addicted to old movies, and besides the glamorous women, I love that the men are generally wearing shirts and ties. I am a sucker for a man dressed like that.

The Phantom said...

Hollywood never 'got it'. And Palm Springs Weekend was no exception ! They have the wrong music, for one. They have 'jazz' in most of their movies about teenagers - VERY wrong. The big exception: American Graffiti. Ron Howard 'got it'. Also, guys weren't walking around in suits & ties!!! Especially on spring vacation lol. Here are the songs of 1963: http://oldfortyfives.com/1963.htm

And: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1963_singles



From someone that lived the era !! Rock on...!!!

J. said...

Ok, gotta see the movie...I'm sort of obsessed with the era and architecture right now...