Monday, February 20, 2012

1960's Dresses - A Decade of Difference

When someone mentions the term "1960's dress" to me, I'm always wondering if they're referring to the beginning of the 60's or the end of the 60's. I find especially with this particular decade, the fashion near the beginning and at the end look worlds apart. Micro mini lengths and wild prints were just two of the major differences. I think if the women in 1961 were to see what they'd be wearing in 1969, they'd be either appalled or excited! The dresses of the early 60's look very similar to the late 50's styles, where the dresses of the late 1960's were like nothing ever seen before. Which style do you prefer?


Vera Von Vixen said...

That decade really does separate a generation! Personally, I'm more prone to the early sixties sheath, but have a great appreciation for the leg-lengthening mini!

Chrissy88 said...

I like both styles, but with my current figure and age, I think the early 60's style would be more flattering on me.

Miss Marie said...

I adore the early 60s - probably one of my favourite eras for dresses. They're subtly different from the 50s and I can't quite put my finger on it. The line of the bodice is generally really clean, and I love the boat necklines you often find. Those dresses in your first picture especially are just divinity to me.

That said, I do find late 60s dresses fun, but they're not quite so me.

But, for the reasons you say, to live through the 60s would have been so exciting sartorially!

Dolly the Bird said...

I've always found the broadness of 1960's fashion wonderful...although sometimes unnerving. Unnerving in that you always have to ask people just which '60s they mean. Case in point: In grade school, we had a '60s day during 'spirit' week. While everyone else was wearing bell-bottoms and love beads, I was in a little Patty Duke-ish grey and white mock pinafore with my hair in a bubble flip. Oh, the explaining and educating I had to do that day!!!

PS...I just bought that great Simplicity pattern 7635 the other day while thrifting only to see a pick of Victoria Beckham in a similar dress to views 1 and 3 in a news article yesterday!

miss vintage love said...

Isn't it funny, the general public associates the 60's with "hippies" and "flower power" when that was only the last part of the decade!

Patti said...

Not sure how I missed this post last week.

I definitely prefer the early 60's dresses to the late 60's. There was an elegance and beauty to those dresses which was not at all apparent later in the decade.