Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1940's Dresses and Accessories

After looking at these pictures of 1940's fashion, I realized that the accessories are what makes the outfit. Without the hats, gloves, furs and jewelry almost all the glamour is gone. Of course this is probably obvious to most, but I've never been a big accessorizer - especially when I should be, like when wearing a nice vintage dress. So, I've decided to put in some effort, for the sake of vintage fashion. I have a wedding to go to in about 2 weeks. I plan on wearing a long 1940's gown, and usually that would be it. But I'm going to see what I can find. Hopefully at least some vintage gloves and jewelry!

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vintage_kitten said...

I agree.I'm not much of an accesory girl,even though I own loads of earrings and things I end up forgetting about them apart from a flower or barette in my hair.Lol.