Sunday, November 02, 2008

How do Vintage Starlets Measure Up?

Which vintage starlet is your height? I was surprised at some of the heights that I found! For some reason I always thought Joan Crawford and Veronica Lake were really tall, but they weren't. Anyways, check out the info I found!

-Norma Shearer -Mary Pickford

-Louise Brooks -Jean Harlow -Veronica Lake

-Clara Bow -Lana Turner -Vivian Leigh -Olivia DeHavilland

-Betty Grable -Carole Lombard -Joan Crawford -Bette Davis

-Marilyn Monroe -Barbara Stanwyck -Ginger Rogers -Mae West

-Myrna Loy -Ava Gardner -Rita Hayworth -Jayne Mansfield

-Jane Russell -Audrey Hepburn -Gene Tierny -Grace Kelly

-Greta Garbo -Katherine Hepburn -Maureen O'Hara

-Lauren Bacall -Carole Landis -Sophia Loren

-Ingrid Bergman


Aimée said...

Oh wow! I would have suspected Marilyn to be taller and Audrey to be shorter. I guess I always thought of Audrey as being 5'4" tops. And Joan Crawford has such a force around her I also would expect her to be taller. I wonder how tall the leading men were.

I guess I don't mind being in the same height company as the stars who were 5'6".

bridechic said...

Had no idea Ingrid Bergman was Viking tall . . . figured 5'6-7. You are some researcher

Helena S. said...

Interesting. Didn't know that Bergman was so tall. Well, I'm 5'9 myself but usually screen stars are shorter. I was really surprised when I learned that Scarlett Johansson is 5'4.

PS. I have to mention that I stopped admiring Joan Crawford after reading what a horrible mother she had been.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

yay for jean harlow, short like me!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

yay for jean harlow, short like me!

Make Do Style said...

Great stats - Marlene Dietrich was 5'5" too.

Juliet said...

I have no idea what the numbers mean. Metric system, please!

juliet xxx

Kira Fashion said...

I really don´t understand neither this metric system...could you please tell me how to figure out that?

a kiss!!!

miss vintage love said...

Theres tons of height conversion websites, just look on google. For example, 5'6" would equal 168cm tall. Hope that helps!

Tahda said...

5'5"-5'6" isn't a bad place to be. I'm in good company! I did know about Audrey and Lauren B.

cool post. thanks!

Gina said...

I'm Clara Bow! Hooray!! That was fun, thanks!

Dee Light said...

Hello my name is Audrey Hepburn!! I was suprised at her height as well. I thought she was shorter.

Fun, fun post.

Couture Carrie said...

Very cool post - Ingrid Bergman was the same height as I am!


faz said...

Wow...everyone's way shorter than I would have imagined!!

The Stiletto Effect said...

so small and so "big" at the same time...

Lisa said...

'gee-whiz', always wanted to say that, those heights are surprising! i guess the high heels all actresses wore, did a good job at making them look a lot taller!! I always thought Ginger Rogers was way taller, as well as Jane Russell. and Grace Kelly, always thought she was shorter, hmmm

Lisa said...

hey ang, is that clara bow in the tu-tu?

miss vintage love said...

Lisa - It's Louise Brooks, she came right after Clara, same era