Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vintage Little Black Mistake

So I met this woman this weekend, a little strange but whatever, she claimed to have a huge collection of vintage dresses she wanted to sell. I went over to her house, and after she blabbed her life story to me I finally got a look at some of the clothing. She did have a ton of stuff, but only a few quality items. She showed me this gorgeous little black dress she had purchased in 1960, and it was adorable. I looked it over quickly and it seemed to be in pretty good shape. The zipper worked fine, there were no holes that I noticed, and it was so cute! She sold it to me for $15, which I thought was pretty good. Anyways, last night I was hanging it up in my bedroom when I noticed a huge stain! How could I not have noticed it before?! It was on the back of the dress, near the bottom, so I guess I just didn't look down that far. It's a really weird stain too, it looks almost faded...it's a strange reddish, almost burgundy color against the black. It's not obvious from far away, but up close it looks awful! I tried washing it, but it did nothing. What is this stain?! I've never seen anything like it before! Does anyone have any idea?


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

We all buy stuff that ends up having flaws that you've missed. maybe it was the lighting of the room that you were in.
If it is burgundy, on black, I would assume that it was some sort of fade spot. Some black rayons or acetates tend to get a burgundy hue to them after time.
You might try dabbing a little black dye on the spot, or get a black fabric marker that will match to cover the spot. Test the marker on the inside first though, because some markers turn out shiny.

SDMC said...

Without seeing the style -- if the dye doesn't work...could you use that spot to add some decoration -- sequins, embroidery, whatever?

miss vintage love said...

Thanks girls...I will try and find some black fabric dye...so hopefully that will help

S. said...

I know that disappointment.

Maybe you can wear it another way with some altering.

Once I rushed to buy a gorgeous dress from the $5 rack. Got home to find an ugly iron burn.

I cut out the beautiful cream crinoline and wear it as a skirt. It's quite elegant and feminine.

People always ask me wear I got it.