Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ebay Dress of the Day

Love this. Obvioulsy it was longer and someone shortened it. Funny cuz I'm in the middle of doing the exact same thing. I found a bright yellow dress almost identical to this green one, but it was floor length. So in order to make it cute and more wearable, I shortened it into a mini dress. Now I just have to finish the hem. Oh, and notice the white shoes in the pic? Where do people find white vintage/vintage looking shoes like that? I've been looking for white forever! I swear it's the hardest color to find. Oh, and I'm still on a search for a crinoline.


dorotheasclosetvintage said...

Hey, I've got a couple crinolines I dont use for pictures....one needds some stitches to attache ruffles where they've pulled away, the other needs a new elastic waist....both white & pretty full. Let me know if you're interested, I'd send them to you if you want to pay shipping! Ang

jungle dream pagoda said...

Shortening long vintage dresses is part of thewhole vintage game. For about 3 years was into Hawaiian mumus ,hackin' um' off and pairing them with cowboy boots!