Monday, October 30, 2006

I Want A Red Dress

I've been looking all over, and I can never find a nice vintage red dress that I like.
I'm hoping to find one before the holiday season, but it seems to be a bit of a challenge.
I can find every other color, I have tons of pink, lots of burgundy, but no red!
So this weekend I found an absolutely adorable crushed velvet, deep red vintage dress.
So gorgeous.
I didnt even bother trying it on, because it looked like it might fit me. At $4, I'll take my chances.
When I got home I put it on right away, except there was one problem, it wouldnt fit over my hips! Which I thought was weird, because I don't have big hips.
So I was disappointed, but whatever, I'll just add it to my collection of things to sell. I went to go throw the reciept in the garbage, but just happened to look at it first....and what does it say? "Kids Dress - $4.00".
Um, yah, I'm smart like that.
In other news, this is a pic of my favorite Ebay Dress of the day. Why, because its red! Though I do think the sunglasses are 100% wrong with the dress. Contrary to popular belief, "boho" sunglasses do not go with everything. Don't even get me started.

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