Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Vintage-ness

Wow, I haven't posted anything forever! I guess it's because I've been too busy shopping! Ha, yeah right, I wish! More like working.
Anyhow, I have picked up quite a but of randomness from my recent thrifting adventures.
First I found 2 cute, and decent condition Tiki Mugs. How could I say no at 75 cents each?
Next I found a super stylish pair of red cats eye sunglasses, which I have been wanting forever! Finally!
I've had many pairs over the years, but if you're anything like me, well, you either leave them in restaurants or they somehow end up breaking within a month or two.
Now for the clothing.
Found a 60s era long halter neck evening gown, bright pink, with silver sequins that fit me perfect. Fabulously tacky.
Found a white (no stains!) 70s peasant style long gown - gorgeous.
Also found a paisley pattern 60s/70s secretary style dress with a matching belt.
Its becoming so hard to find quality vintage! So I am so proud of my finds!!
I swear, 99% of the clothes I look at are either ripped or stained! Such a waste! Take care of your clothes people!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I hear you on finding quality vintage.Lately I find the good stuff at estate sales. The tiki mug you scored ,I also have one just like that among my huge collection of tiki-ware. I like to drink ice-coffee out of my tiki-ware.