Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Garage Sale Dress #1

Ok, here it is!
The gorgeous yellow 50s cocktail gown I found on the weekend!

I think its my favorite...its in perfect condition too. Surprising, I know. I'm always like, "ok, wheres the rips, wheres the stains"...

I always wish I knew who the dress originally belonged to, and what the lady was like, where she bought it, where she wore it.....each vintage piece should come with a book, stating its previous owners and their stories.
It should be a rule.


jungle dream pagoda said...

I'm with you on the dress bio! A most lovely frock I coincidentally grabbed a very similar dress on my most recent thriftventure.

dorotheasclosetvintage said...

Love your blog! I'm new to the realm of blogging, but your title caught my eye & I love that dress! A steal coming from a garage sale, I bet! Funny that you mentioned wanting to know the history behind the garments, my post today was about that very thing! Ang