Monday, September 25, 2006

Garage Sale Extravaganza

Decided to check out random garage sales this weekend and give the thrift stores a break. Sunday was a flop, but Saturday was my day.
All I have to say is garage sales are so random!!
The 2 that I thought would be really good were full of garbage dumpster leftovers, and the ones that I almost didn't go to were incredible!
Found a beautiful vintage long wool winter coat, with fur trim. The woman I bought it from collected 1950s clothing, and had bought it in England. Luckily for me she was moving to Costa Rica, and getting rid of all her warm clothes.
I also got 3 gorgeous (of course) 50s dresses.
One pink long lacey floor length gown, one yellow knee length cocktail dress, and one cute day dress almost exactly like the photo shown.
I can't wait to wear them.
My best friends wedding is coming up....I think I may wear one of the cocktail dresses, and then go all the way and get my hair done in 50s fashion as well! Somebody s gotta keep syle alive!


jungle dream pagoda said...

I would love to see pics of the garage sale goodies.

miss vintage love said...

Omigosh, I know, I always say I will post pics, but really I will! I'll do it tonight!!

Anonymous said...

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