Friday, December 09, 2011

Vintage Luggage

I adore vintage luggage. To me it always looks so much classier than new luggage. I posted some pictures of 1950's luggage from vintage catalogs. I find the quality of old travel cases so much better too, which would make sense considering so many have lasted over the years. The only downside I find is that they're a bit heavier than modern luggage. But that doesn't stop me. I just bought a cute little blue travel case this past weekend. It's one of those round cases thats lined inside, and it comes with a cute little mirror. I can't wait to use it!


Miss Marie said...

LOVE vintage luggage. Careful with the little one though. Even knowing that they're called vanity cases, therefore implying they're not intended as full suitcases, I packed mine full with clothes and heavy books a few too many times - resulting in the handle popping off when I went to pick it up recently! It's fixable but I've certainly learnt my lesson!

Patti said...

I'll take vintage luggage over nowadays luggage too. Unfortunately, I didn't have that attitude when I had the chance. When my maternal grandmother passed away in 1996, alot of her things found their way to me. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I gave to the American Cancer Society Thrift Store! I was into modern everything then, so I had zero appreciation for her fabulous shoes, hats, and coats...and her sturdy train case. What an idiot I was!!

miss vintage love said...

Miss Marie - Yes! This has happened to my last 2 luggage cases too! It's my own fault for filling them too full, but I'm vowing to only use this one for light items :)

Patti - Same thing happened to me when both my grandparents passed away about 10 yrs ago. I didn't appreciate vintage like I do now, and helped my dad haul away all my grandmothers beautiful bedroom furniture, vanity items, etc, etc :(