Monday, August 06, 2007

Case of the Missing Vintage Gloves

How could this have happened? To me?! I'm always so careful and paranoid about my vintage items, but somehow my gloves got away.
They disappeared somewhere between getting out of my friends car and walking into her house. I don't even know how thats possible. All I can think of is that the wind blew them away. Yeah right, especially considering how it wasn't windy at all.
Did they not like me? I don't understand. I took them out every weekend, let them hold drinks, go to see great bands play, let them pose for pictures, and after all that, this is the thanks I get. But the mourning period has now ended. I found some similar vintage gloves on Ebay (pictured above) and ordered them right away. The description said they're 1920's, but I thought they looked more 1950's. To be honest though, I know nothing about gloves. I just wear them, and lose them apparently.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh sweetie ,been there. Gloves are like sox,the universe eats one!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear about your gloves, glad you found another pair!

Angie said...

What ungrateful gloves! Good riddance to them, I say.