Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hippy Dresses

Yep, that's what I'm calling them now because I refuse to use the word "BOHO" anymore.
It's starting to make me sick.
It was understandable a couple years ago, when the bohemian look made comeback and got trendy.
But now?!
Everything is labeled "Boho" because they think it will sell better! I kid you not, today I walked past this totally conservative(and quite boring looking) store, and on the window a big sign read "Boho Fashion".
I started laughing at the idea that these conservative shop owners assumed that by saying the "B" word, it would get trendy people in their store to buy their drabby clothing.
Needless to say the store was empty.
Anyhow, I LOVE hippy dresses, and I saw this one today on Ebay. Only $20!
Well, so far.

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