Sunday, August 20, 2006

All Things Retro

Wow, I've been productive the last couple days!
Got the cutest pink mini dress(yes, another one) this weekend. I can't believe my luck lately.
Also found this green Hawaiian style 60s little dress with shorts underneath, but it fit really weird.
So I had to leave it hanging on the rack, which was not easy to do.

I know this isn't about clothes, but it fits into the vintage category so whatever.
I've been trying to find a funky starburst clock forever, and I finally found one! Of course its not an actual Howard Miller, but close enough. I'm on a mission to turn my boring contemporary apartment into somewhat of a swanky 50s pad, so I will post my findings as they come!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Swanky 50's goodies are the best.