Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vintage Square Dancing Dress

Oh this is a fun dress. I love what a crinoline can do, and I love these colors right now. Actually no, who am I kidding, I love all colors all the time. Anyways, gotta find me one of these dresses for summer!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Perhaps about 10 years ago I was into square dancing dresses(sans the petticoats). I grew tired of them,somehow I wish I still had them.

Kaycie5294 said...

Hi,I like your web site. I just started a web store selling vintage "bling." And I started a blog at I do happen to have two handmade square dance dresses. They are so pretty. My Mom made them in the 70s. This is a new world to me. I am so enjoying finding vintage collectibles of all kinds. Hope your site is going well. Bernie