Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ebay Dress of the Day

Love this red 1940's dress, but I still can't find my red vintage dress!
Why is it so hard to find a red one that fits me?
Life is unfair.
And I wanted one for the holidays. I've been looking for months too!
Ok, enough.
I did pick up a bunch of 70's shirts this weekend, if thats any consolation. Really funky, with big collars and crazy patterns. So fun.
Oooh, and I found a bunch of old school baby barrettes, all brand new in packages, so I grabbed those as well.
Last but not least, I found some very lovely gloves.
White, in good condition, with a little flower pattern on them.
Very ladylike.

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liebemarlene said...

This is gorgeous! Perfect '40s dress.